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AMSU MIT Precipitation Retrieval Products   ( AMP )
    AMSU MIT Precipitation retrieval products (AMP) are results from research collaboration of Dr. Chinnawat Surussavadee (Director of ANED) and Prof. David H. Staelin (Professor in EECS at MIT). It is based on the AMSU MIT Precipitation retrieval algorithm [1]-[7]. The current version is version 5, which employs the algorithm presented in [1]. The system retrieves surface precipitation rates (mm/h); water paths (mm) for rain, snow, graupel, cloud liquid water, cloud ice, the sum of rain, snow, and graupel; and peak vertical wind (convective strength, m/s) globally including snow-covered land and sea ice. AMP is the first and only algorithm that successfully retrieves precipitation over snow-covered land and sea ice. AMP products are available for both historical and near real time modes. Its limitation is that it cannot retrieve for high surface elevation and excessively cold troposphere. Historical data are available for NOAA-15, -16, and -17 starting from Jan 1, 2002. More detail
Retrieved surface precipitation rate (mm/h) overlaid on Google map
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